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Ornish Kitchen About Us

Ornish Kitchen features globally inspired recipes for every palette! Each recipe has been professionally tested to ensure only the highest quality standards for taste, simplicity, nutrient density, and balance. All recipes on Ornish Kitchen adhere to the Ornish Reversal Program’s (Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation) nutrition guidelines, are simple to make at home, and most important, are delicious and fun.


We’ve made it easy for you to search recipes by ingredients, entrees, beverages, breakfasts, salads, sides, snacks, soups, condiments, and holiday recipes. Additionally, we’ve categorized the recipes by whether they are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and/or Nut-free.

Chef Notes and Shopping Lists

Our Ornish-certified chef’s notes share their insights regarding each recipe’s ingredients and cooking techniques — such as including optional substitutions such as whole-wheat pasta with gluten free pasta or thickener substitutes such as cornstarch for sweet rice flour or arrowroot. Corresponding shopping lists are categorized to help make going to the grocery store more efficient when you’re planning your meals.

Nutrient Analysis

Each recipe in Ornish Kitchen provides you with a standard nutritional label along with an enhanced profile of its healthiest dietary sources, so that you can make informed choices to promote health and balanced eating.

Ornish Living

Lastly, we also curated Ornish Living’s nutrition articles so that each recipe has corresponding dietary guidance from our team of nutritionists and chefs.

Our approach to nutrition is all about feeling good, experiencing a joy of living, not a fear of dying. When you eat this way, you will lose weight and gain health. What’s sustainable is pleasure and feeling good, so relish in this delicious and nutritious way of eating!